Windy days full of laughter……my top tips for navigating the wind at your photoshoot

We often have to navigate less than ideal conditions when we book your family photoshoot, here are some tips for when your shoot is on a particularly windy day.

A family photoshoot on a windy day can be both challenging and exciting. While the wind can create beautiful, natural movement in hair and clothing, it can also make it difficult to keep everyone’s hair and clothing in place. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your family photoshoot on a windy day:

  1. Choose the right location: Look for a location that has some natural windbreaks, such as trees or buildings, that can help shield you from strong gusts of wind. You can also consider shooting indoors, where you have more control over the lighting and conditions.
  2. Dress appropriately: Choose clothing that fits well and isn’t too loose, as loose clothing can easily be blown around by the wind. Avoid hats or other accessories that can easily fly off, and opt for hairstyles that can withstand some wind, such as braids or low ponytails.
  3. Use the wind to your advantage: Embrace the wind and use it to your advantage. Have your family members play with their hair or twirl around to create movement in the photos. You can also use props, such as scarves or ribbons, to create a sense of movement and add interest to the photos.
  4. Bring some props: Bringing props such as windbreakers, hats, and scarves can be a great addition to the photoshoot. It is a good idea to bring some large scarves that can be used as windbreakers to wrap around the family members and give them warmth and a break from the wind.
  5. Adjust your camera settings: When shooting in windy conditions, you may need to adjust your camera settings to compensate for the movement. A faster shutter speed can help freeze the motion and prevent blur in your photos.
  6. Have fun: Remember, family photoshoots are all about capturing memories and having fun. Don’t let the wind get in the way of enjoying the experience with your loved ones.

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