Capturing how your day feels

Wedding photography is a huge industry and there are thousands of photographers’ available to capture your special day.  It’s important to take some time to understand the options available so that you can make an informed decision about your photographer.

You’ve spent so much time and resources planning your day, you really do want to invest in a photographer who can capture all the details so that you’re able to relive your special day every time you look through your gallery in years to come.

You’ll want to book a photographer who you feel really comfortable with from initial contact and has the relevant experience to capture beautiful moments despite the fact that they will have very little control over the moments, there’s less opportunity for directing people to make the most of light available or get flattering poses, you have to improve and work around all the variables and still capture beautiful wedding photos.  This experience takes years to master.

Plan your day

You’ve already done the work planning the details for your day, but it’s useful to consult your photographer who is experienced and can see where the photo opportunities are and help you plan to capture the best images at the best times of day.  Knowing the venue and itinerary allows your photographer to plan where to capture specific moments and make sure they are set up with the best vantage points, positioning the light to their advantage.