Twin Newborn Photography | at-home

Having twins is such a wonderful blessing, but with twice the blessing comes twice the challenges too, so we opted to keep this photoshoot simple.  In the comfort of their own home we spent some time just loving the new babies while I captured their moments beautifully, a treasure for years to come.

The challenge with twin newborn photography is that you want to try and have both babies asleep and settled at the same time. Often having your photoshoot at home is the easiest way to keep everyone happy and relaxed.


We will go with what your babies need on the day, so there is no pressure on anyone.  I allow for extra time with twin sessions so we will have more than enough time.  Often the session will end up flowing with one baby asleep at a time which allows time to capture some beautiful individual portraits.  Once we are done with the first baby’s portraits we will be aiming for a window where the second is also asleep to get the sibling photos.

Family setups, except where there are toddlers included, are always last because it is very seldom that we can’t settle a baby in your arms so these are easy to get at the end of your session.


I travel from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine coast to capture this special time in the comfort of your own home.  Natural light is beautiful and very simple to work with since it requires no additional setup or equipment.  This makes it easier to improvise when we are working with toddlers especially and allowing them to participate by following their lead sometimes.  To get beautiful natural light photos we would need a space with lots of natural light.  It’s a great idea to send me some photos of your space at the time we plan to have your photoshoot so I can have an idea before our session of what we are working with.

If your space doesn’t have much natural light then I will work with a flash.  I can still create beautiful images using the flash, it just creates a few more restrictions in terms of the flow of your session.

While these photoshoots have more of a lifestyle feel to them we can also achieve a studio look by using a blank wall in your home.

If you’re thinking of booking a twin newborn photography session get in touch and we can chat about what you love and how to create the perfect photoshoot for your family.