My Top 10 Queensland locations for your Family Photoshoot


This is by far one of my favourite photoshoot locations along the Coast, it is beautiful, with water in every direction, greenery close by if the sun is too bright and you can pick between the calm waters of the river or capture the beautiful rolling waves in the background from another direction.  For the best light at the beach we want to book your session for the hour after sunrise, the hour before sunset or on a cloudy day.


Another favourite location because of the variety of shots we can capture at this one beautiful location.  We have the river mouth, the rocks going out to see, the beautiful shore and some amazing trees along the shoreline creating shade which means we have more time at the beach and can also shoot larger groups here easily. The shade at this beach allows us some flexibility with the time of day for your photoshoot.  I recommend we book here for up to 2 hours before sunset, our sunrise window doesn’t change because of the direction of sunlight in the morning.


This gorgeous location has plenty to offer in terms of varied landscape and gorgeous light at either sunrise or sunset.  The wide sand banks and beautiful rock formations make it a quick easy session with variety within a very short stroll from the parking lot. Best time for yor photoshoot here is an hour before sunset, an hour after sunrise or anytime on a cloudy day.


I love this location for it’s versatility.  Most sessions here start at the beautiful park opposite Bocca and then we head to the beach where we capture some gorgeous beach photos just before sunset.


This amazing location is so worth the drive, we can use it at any time of the day because of the shade from these amazing trees.  We were blessed with the most beautiful purple little flowers along the sidewalk too. The best time for your photoshoot at this spot is 2 hours after sunrise, 2 hours before sunset or anytime on a cloudy day.


This gorgeous little park is the perfect location for young families with small children.  Not too far of a drive, and we can start earlier because we have plenty of shade here so you can still work around their normal routines.  This is the outdoor location for my PURE package.  Golden hour at this spot is gorgeous too! Best time of day for your photoshoot here is 2 hours after sunrise, 2 hours before sunset or anytime on a cloudy day.


I love this park, there are so many different locations within this area to pick from and the view is absolutely stunning! It’s not hard to see why this is one of my favourite photoshoot locations for branding sessions. To capture the full glory of golden hour here I recommend we book your photoshoot for an hour before sunset.