Capturing this incredibly special time is something I feel very honoured to do for every client I meet.  I’ve put together a list of the 10 things to consider before your Newborn photoshoot as a guide for all new mums.

1.  Pick your favourite style of images

There are so many amazing Newborn photographers around that there is no shortage of inspiration and different styles of Newborn photography around.  Spend some time on instagram or pinterest or the websites of your local photographers and pick the images you love the most.

This will help you decide which style of Newborn photography you are after.  Do you want a lifestyle session in the comfort of your own home or are you in love with the styled studio style images where your baby is posed beautifully?  


2.  Research your local Newborn photographers

Once you have narrowed your search to a few photographers who capture babies the way you love, then take time to follow them on socials, google them, check out their reviews and find someone who you feel comfortable with.  Those first few weeks in your baby’s life can be stressful and above all else your photos will look the best if you are comfortable with your photographer


3.  Book early

Most photographers will be looking at bookings for Newborn photoshoots a few months in advance, so it is recommended to book early to make sure you get a spot with your chosen photographer.



4.  What date to book

Since you may not be sure of the exact arrival date for your baby, we normally take a tentative booking for a week after your baby is due.  Newborn photoshoots are best when baby is between 5 and 9 days old because they still settle really easily and can still be posed comfortably. Once baby arrives or you have a set date then you can get in touch with your photographer and either confirm or reschedule the tentative date.


5.  What to wear

This is a time when you are probably not feeling your most glamourous, so plan to prepare in the way that you need to feel good to be in the photos, I promise you won’t ever regret being in these photos with your baby.  Consider the details like hair, make-up, nails, skin.  This looks different to each mum so plan for looking your best in a way that makes you feel comfortable.   Clothing should be comfortable, lightweight (because the studio is WARM!), neutral or light colours, no bold patterns or bold colours and no large logos.  Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and fits comfortably and you will be able to enjoy your session more.


6. What to bring with

You won’t need to bring much as your photographer will be prepared with wraps, headbands and props that match the style of photography they do.  If you have something sentimental take it along, your photographer may be able to incorporate it somehow.  Remember a spare set of clothes for everyone just in case since many of the photos will include baby without a nappy on.  Snacks and water are a great idea especially if you are breastfeeding.


7.  How to prepare your baby

This one is a bit hit and miss because not all babies are in a set routine at this time yet.  Basically, if we make sure that baby is full, warm and has no wind then we should get them to settle for photos.  It is a good idea to bath and feed your baby just before you go to your photoshoot to help them settle into a deep sleep.


8.  What if my baby doesn’t sleep

Some babies will not settle on their own and in that case your photographer needs to improvise and adjust the shot list to capture beautiful images of baby either swaddled or in their parent’s arms.  There are so many ways to capture beautiful images, if you have chosen an experience photographer they will have the skills and confidence to navigate every situation.


 9. Including my toddler at our session

The sibling photo is the most sought after image at most newborn sessions where there is an older sibling.  It is also the hardest image to get when the sibling is under 3.  Some kids are thrilled at having a new baby in the house, others are less excited about having to share attention.  Try not to have too much of an expectation of exactly what this image should look like, let your photographer guide you to the best outcome, working with your toddler and your baby.   I also suggest doing all the photos that require the toddler to be included first so that they can get back to doing their thing asap!



10. Relax and enjoy the process

This can be a very stressful time so try to relax and just enjoy this little window of capturing beautiful moments.  You’ve taken the time to pick the right photographer, and you’ve prepared as much as you’re able so just take a deep breath and relax.  Once your photoshoot is done your photographer should have your images to you within a few weeks, and your prints shortly after.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you’re looking for a Sunshine Coast Newborn photographer, take a look at my galleries and let me know if you think I’d be a good fit for your family.

Chat soon,


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