Professional Maternity Photos | an Adventure is about to begin!

Professional Maternity Photos should reflect your journey beautifully.  I want you to look back on these photos in 30 years’ time and still feel exactly what you felt on the day we captured them.

Before your photoshoot

My main goal for your professional maternity photos is ensuring that you and anyone you’ve chosen to include feel completely relaxed and comfortable.  When you feel like yourself it shows in how you relate to each other and it shows in your expressions.  I want to capture the joy and love you feel for your baby so that you can show them how much they were wanted even before they arrived.  It’s best to book your photoshoot for when you are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant so that you have a beautiful bump but are still feeling comfortable and energetic.

What to Wear

When you’re planning what to wear it’s important to find something that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful.  I recommend soft flowy fabrics because they accentuate your bump and add a feminine element to your photos.  Make sure the colour is flattering and that you have checked for underwear lines / sillhouette because it’s these details that you’ll notice in the photos.

Bold patterns or bright colours are not recommended, but if this is you then go for it.  Let me know what you are planning and I’ll be happy to guide you.  Some patterns cause problems with cameras and become distorted in photos, and large logos are always a distraction.  Some bright colours will cause coloured shadows on your faces and this can ruin some really good shots.

Picking the Perfect Location

We will pick the location for your professional maternity photos together.  Ideally we want somewhere that you love.  The beach is beautiful if you have a minimalist style and want a very simple, clean background while forested areas add a different feel to your gallery.  Colours matter so consider the decor in your home if you want to put portraits up on the wall.

Matching your outfits to the background is as important as matching each other.  Pick a colour palette and go with similar shades for a polished look.

Perfect time for your Photoshoot

We meet an hour before sunset or at sunrise when we are at open locations, or we adjust this time by up to 2 hours if we are using a shady location.

At your Photoshoot

I will guide you to locations and gently pose you for a flattering angle and using various prompts I encourage natural interactions to real moments.  I want you to feel these moments all over again each time you look at your images.

Photoshoots can be anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes depending on various factors like how many people are included at your photoshoot, how many outfit changes you want and if you have picked a location change.

After your Photoshoot

Your gallery is delivered within 7 days of your photoshoot.  You can opt for an online gallery or I love presenting your images at my studio which gives you an opportunity to see all the professional print products available for yourself.  I’m also a great help at picking favourites when you get stuck!

You can expect to see anywhere between 20 and 150 images in your gallery.  This depends on how much time we spent together and how the photoshoot went.

Your gallery will have a variety of images captured from different perspectives, in different lighting and with a select few images converted to black and white.  My black and white edits are not just a straightforward conversion, each image is hand edited to create a beautiful, high contrast and impactful black and white image.

Professional Printing

I have an extensive range of professional print products available.  This is an optional add-on service available at the time of your photoshoot or any time after.  Some clients come back years later for professional prints once they are ready for them.

My print products all carry guarantees of 35 -75 years so you are assured of a quality product that will last a lifetime!

Get in touch today, let’s design the perfect maternity photoshoot for you!