Posed Newborn Photos of your baby

Every photographer has their own unique style of creating beautiful images.  The definitions used by each photographer are as unique as their style, so today I am here to define what is natural newborn photography to me.


I look back at photos of my children when they were babies and it is the simplest images that I love, the ones where I can recognise their character in expressions, and see the details of their perfect tiny bodies.  The trends and clothing I loved back then has changed significantly, and while items like clothing can have sentimental value even years down the line, random props don’t have that significance.  Trends pass, styles change but capturing the simple, perfect details of our babies is timeless.

What is important is posing your baby to ensure they are safe and comfortable and beautifully positioned to show their details perfectly.  Lighting and angles are the 2 other parts of what makes up every good image.

I’ve gone into a lot of detail on my Newborn Photography page with examples of different styles of images we can work towards achieving at your newborn photoshoot.  Ultimately, I want to create images that reflect your family and that you will love forever.

It’s true a picture says a thousand words, so I’m going to let my galleries speak for me and showcase what I define as Natural Newborn Photography.

Book your photoshoot early to get a spot as I only have a few newborn sessions a month xoxo