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Best Locations in Spring

If it’s flowers you love, then sprintime is the perfect time for your family photoshoot!  Spring in Perth is an amazingly beautiful experience.  We are surrounded by wildflowers wherever you look and we have the cherry blossoms that flower in the orchards so we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to locations at this time of year.

The weather is beautiful aswell even though we may still be dodging the rain some weekends, that just means we are still spoilt with beautiful skies and soft light most afternoons.

Click on the links to view sessions at these locations :
Raeburn Orchards in Spring, Yellagonga in Spring, Bells Rapids, Perrys Paddock in Spring, Sunset at the Beach, Sunrise at the Beach, Lesmurdie Falls, Fremantle, Golden Hour at Hyde Park


Best locations in Summer

Summer sessions are all about blue skies, beach days and enjoying the sunshine.  Summer in Perth is a busy time of year!  Spoilt with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s not hard to see why most people are at the beach most days.

This time of year is really great and predictable weatherwise though, so we can make the best of that and choose a location that still looks beautiful in our dry season.  In January the lavender flowers and a trip up to Yanchep to shoot amidst the lavender fields is an absolute must!

Click on the links to view sessions at these locations :
Hyde Park in Summer, Perrys Paddock in Summer, Yanchep Lavender, Wanneroo Pines, UWA, Sunset at the Beach, Sunrise at the Beach, Lesmurdie Falls, FremantleGolden Hour at Hyde Park


Best locations in Autumn

Another magical time of year in Perth, the blazing oranges of Autumn never disappoint for your family photoshoot!  We are blessed with the gorgeous rich colours of autumn at one of the many orchards around Perth that allow visitors at this time of year as well as beautiful parks with huge trees that turn gold and line the floor with blankets of golden leaves.

The beach starts cooling down but is still lovely for sessions early in the season.

Click on the links to view sessions at these locations :
Raeburn Orchards in Autumn, Hyde Park in Autumn, Perrys Paddock in Autumn, Lesmurdie FallsGolden Hour at Hyde Park


Best locations in Winter

Winter in Perth is still a lovely time of year for sessions because it doesn’t get that cold, the rain means we are surrounded by rich, deep colours because everything is so green and lush.

Park locations are best this time of year and I have many favourites we can choose from.

Click on the links to view sessions at these locations :
Yellagonga in Winter, Perrys Paddock in WinterSouth Perth Foreshore, Lesmurdie Falls, Fremantle, Golden Hour at Hyde Park


Best locations for anytime of the year

From studio, to Fremantle, UWA, the beautiful White Arches in the city or Hyde Park.  There are plenty of exceptionally beautiful locations across Perth which are available and beautiful all year around.  Feel free to browse the links below to see what I mean.

Many of these locations are Perth Icons and so make for great options when you’re holidaying in Perth and want something that represents our beautiful city as part of your family photoshoot.

Click on the links to view sessions at these locations :
 South Perth Foreshore, Fremantle, Golden Hour at Hyde Park. Como the Treasury, Wanneroo Pines, UWA


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Charlotte Oborne

Zina was fantastic!

Her photos are absolutely stunning and we can’t thank her enough for capturing such special family moments. She took the time to get to know our 2 year old and made him feel comfortable, which led to some amazing photos!


Nabila Khouri

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Zina and her photos are! My little baby was super fussy and difficult and Zina had the magic touch with my baby, and was so patient and wonderful.

I will forever cherish the amazing photos, thank you so much Zina!


Ellie Washfold

I highly recommend Zina!!

We’ve had 3 newborn photo shoots within the last 3 years and she’s been absolutely amazing with each one especially this last one capturing 2 toddlers and a newborn together which I swear is near impossible!