Top 10 Perth Photoshoot Locations

My favourite Perth photoshoot locations with photos and tips for the best time of year to visit.

Hyde Park

One of my favourite perth photoshoot locations for all year around because even in the dry seasons Hyde Park looks beautiful!  In Autum we also have the autumn leaves around the lake.  At this time of year we are often blessed with overcast skies which provide beautiful lighting for our photoshoot, so on these days we can pick any time of day.  When we have sunny skies we are aiming for 1-2 hours after sunrise, or before sunset to get the perfect light.


This location is especially spectactular in wet seasons because the foliage is rich in colour and very diverse.  The lookout is beautiful all year around and golden hour here is absolutely spectacular! This location has little cover at the lookout point, so we are definitely aiming to start our photoshoot no more than an hour before sunset.  If it is very overcast we will get beautiful light at any time of the day and the lookout will be clearer in the background on an overcast day than it would be on a sunny day, but we will forfeit the beautiful backlit golden images I love at this location.


Some Perth photoshoot locations are absolutely magical!  Autumn at Raeburn Orchards is amazing and the colours can’t be matched anywhere else! This location is spectacular and so it attracts huge crowds, which can make our photoshoot a little more challenging.  Raeburn Orchards also has opening times which do not overlap with my favourite Golden Hour for photoshoots.  We take all this into consideration when planning your session and if possible a week day is better to avoid the crowds, and then we book the hour after opening or before closing to get the best light available here.


Spring at Raeburn Orchards is another magical time of year and the pinks and whites are quite dreamy.  Crowds are less of a problem in the blossom orchards because we are able to book a private lane if we book far enough in advance.  We still need to work around opening and closing hours though so we don’t get the golden hour light, but overcast days here are especially beautiful or late afternoon and early mornings work really well too.


Another all year favourite that looks different at different times of the year.  My favourite is in Spring when we get the long grasses at this spot.  Here we have some shaded spots and some open areas so the timing is a bit more flexible.  I still aim for an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset to get the best from this gorgeous location. 


Sunrise at Mullaloo is my favourite light, the skies are so vivid and pink and the light is so soft that it is always beautiful! Overcast days here are absolutely magical as are sunrises because we get the most beautiful colours in the sky and the sun is on your face with the ocean behind you.  Sunset is great, though we have to consider the wind factor especially in the afternoons.  Sunset here is beautiful but with the sun on the ocean we have more dramatic lighting and not the same soft colours we get at sunrise.


A beautiful spot all year around at any time of the day!  The tall trees are beautiful and allow us to book at any time during the day.  The tree forts are also a great distraction for kids to play.  I like 2 hours before sunset here to get dramatic light through the trees and this spot during sprintime is extra beautiful because the floor is covered in pretty yellow flowers.


For an elegant Perth Photoshoot Location.  This beautiful spot is also very practical on rainy days because there is cover even for large groups! This is such a great option for large groups when it’s raining and we can’t use Hyde Park.  This location is only available on weekends and holidays though.


This elegant spot is great for older families, couples or maternity sessions.  Located near the Mint it’s a little hidden gem that isn’t often being used.  The buildings around here are also beautiful so there are a few options.  It’s a great spot for a posed session with not much space for kids to run around and play.  The light here can be quite harsh, so late afternoon or early mornings are best or overcast days are perfect.


Swanbourne Beach is a favourite for the long grass on the dunes! I adore the grass on the dunes here.  This is my favourite beach for a sunset session because we are taking advantage of the sun in your face when you have the ocean in front of you, and then we have the beautiful sandy dunes in the background.  Silhouettes against the ocean at sunset are one of my favourite images to capture.