As a Perth Family Portrait Photographer, participating in photography competitions is something that hasn’t come naturally to me, but being a very subjective discipline and working on my own has led me to embrace this avenue as a means of obtaining feedback on my work so that I can keep growing, improving and perfecting my style and technical abilities. 

Unfortunately when my website was lost last year (another long story) most of my blog posts were lost with it, so some of these are a little outdated, but worth sharing again because each result and submission with feedback inevitably contributes to the direction my style has taken.

I was so proud to have received the scores I did on these images in 2019 because of the talent of the photographers who I had entered alongside.

11 of my images scored bronze in the PORTRAIT CONFERENCE 2019 photography competition!

I love what I do, and I never get tired of learning and growing in a skill that brings me so much joy, but it is a lonely journey sometimes working on your own and moments like these, where you’re recognised and encouraged by other creatives in the same community are beautiful moments that I hold very dear to my heart!

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Do yourself a favour and take a look at the absolutely amazing images that were entered into the competition!