a Combination of portraits and playful captures at this Perth Extended Family Photography session

Perth Extended Family Photography sessions are very popular, especially around the end of the year when many people receive family visiting from all over the world.  With some of the best locations in the world it is the perfect time to capture special bonds and update the family portraits.

My style when it comes to Extended Family Photoshoots is very much the same as with any smaller family session, we will go with the flow and the session is built around the smallest children.  When there are a few families and multiple sets of smaller children we may even stagger the start times of the session to ensure we have the children all together for the group shot at their best.

With each session I aim for a combination of setup / poses including the large group, individual families, siblings, grandchildren and grandparents with grandchildren.  Depending on how co-operative everyone is on the day we may even be able to go for individual portraits of the children and a portrait of each parent or grandparent with each child.  These are by far my favourite portraits because it is these individual portraits, showing the connection between the special ones in our lives that become very special to your children as they grow up.

There are a few complications with a large group like this, firstly, the more people and especially the more small children we are including in a setting the harder it becomes to get natural and comfortable expressions out of everyone for that one group shot.  Secondly, lighting a group of this size evenly, without using external lighting means we are limited to shaded spots or certain times of the day, but if we rely on soft lighting in an open area then we are more pressed for time, so I always opt for a shady spot like Hyde Park or Wanneroo Pines, which both offer plenty of shade and space to allow us to stagger the start times and get the individual group photos as well as the combined group shot.

The difference between having family portraits done in an extended session like this is that in a single family session I have more time to focus on your family unit and the bonds between each of you, we are less rushed and can work on a bigger variety of images in your gallery.  The more time we spend together the more comfortable everyone becomes in front of the camera and the more natural and authentic the moments are that I am able to capture.

Perth Extended Family Photography Sessions are amazing, because who doesn’t want a large family portrait of everyone you love, but the short time I have to focus on smaller family units during a session like this is not a replacement for an actual Family Session.