An outdoor newborn photoshoot photoshoot in gorgeous light!

Outdoor Newborn Photoshoots are getting more and more popular.  With a bit of planning we can create some magical images at a beautiful location.


Outdoor Newborn photoshoots are very relaxed and focused on connection and capturing the bond between each of your family members and your new baby. For your baby’s individual portraits I suggest dressing them in a beautiful onesie as we may not always have the right environment for undressing them.  If you are after the naked poses to capture all those gorgeous wrinkles and details, we can pick a warm time and sheltered location.  We will keep a blanket on hand for covering your baby in between poses and may use it in the photos just for covering them partially.

Outdoor Newborn photoshoots generally go a lot quicker since your baby is mostly being held by someone and that is where they are happiest.


We will pick a beautiful location that is sheltered for your baby and we will also pay special attention to the weather on the day of our photoshoot.  The beach is always a beautiful location but can be very windy and also doesn’t offer much in the way of shade.  We can work around this by choosing sunset or sunrise if this works with your family.


We have more flexibility with a lifestyle photoshoot as we focus more on the connection with your family than perfect posing.  There is more focus on connection and less on the sleepy poses you’ll get from a studio photoshoot.

Take a look at the gallery I put together and see if this type of photoshoot reflects your family better.