Maternity Photoshoot Outfits |  What to wear?

Picking your Maternity Photoshoot outfits

This is such an incredibly beautiful time and our goal is to capture how you feel at this time, your connection with your partner and your beautiful shape.

For yourself I recommend wearing something that accentuates your shape, whether that is a dress, a sheer gown or bottoms with a crop top. One of the most important things to take note of is your underwear, make sure it is well fitted and doesn’t cause lines in the outfits you’re planning. 

For your partner, there is no need to wear matching outfits, but do pay attention to wearing matching colours or pick a colour palette and try to find outfits from the same palette.

Large logos, very bold patterns or very bright colours can be distracting and take away from the final image.  Matching is subjective though, so ideally you want to pick colours and outfits that you love, so that your images reflect who you are.

Dresses are great for creating movement in your images, long flowy dresses especially are lovely because they move as you move.

I have a client wardrobe with a few dresses which you are most welcome to use for your photoshoot, message me to book an appointment to fit them.

Collars and interesting necklines are another way to add some small details which make your images interesting.

Keep it interesting, think layers, scarves, hats, jackets, collars, skirts that move when you turn, interesting textures and special items.

If you are thinking of  wearing a hat make sure you are also comfortable with being photographed without it.  In some instances the hat can get in the way and be a distraction while it is a great way to add your personality to individual portraits.

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Lesley La Costa

Zina did our newborn photo session and was amazing with our two-week old. I decided to get some professional pictures of our little one after seeing her work and I’m so glad I did! The session went smoothly and Zina’s photos were such high quality that I wanted them all. Now we have this precious time in our child’s life captured so beautifully and we’re so grateful!

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