There’s no shortage of photography courses online and every course is presented by someone with their unique perspective to taking photos.  I have purchased and worked through more courses over the last decade than I can count and I love the different perspective of each photographer that I’ve admired.

When I set out to create my own course I wanted to create something that was easy to follow for everyone. Photography is such a beautiful gift and being able to capture every day moments well is something I truly want to pass on to every parent out there.  Photography can get quite technical and changes drastically year on year so keeping up really is a lot of study all the time.  The one thing that doesn’t change however are the fundamentals of what makes a photo truly great.

I decided to put together a foundational course teaching all the basic principles of photography so that after just a few hours of learning you’ll be able to capture beautiful photos every day and under different circumstances.

This course is designed as a starting point to allow anyone who completes it the ability to plan and execute beautiful images that tell the story they want, every time.

My course outlines the requirements for a great photo and how to manage your surroundings to ensure you get the shot without needing any expensive equipment or technical knowledge.

I want to put the fun back into photography and leave you with all the skills you need to bring your vision to life confidently, every time.

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