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The travel time to this exquisite location was absolutely worth it!  Talk about bringing the WOW factor to golden hour!

This beautiful family absolutely rocked their session and with so many stunning factors it is no wonder we ended up with such an amazing gallery of images to choose from <3

Your Family Photoshoot can be booked anywhere between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast area, with some availability for interstate bookings throughout the year as well, just get in touch to see what the options are. 

Each Family Photoshoot is about creating connection and being comfortable so that I capture real moments beautifully. 

I truly believe that a Professional Family Photography experience is one of the best ways to celebrate the ones you love most! 

It’s best to book a few weeks in advance, but for busy times of the year you may need to book even further in advance.  Sometimes I have some last minute spots available due to cancellations and reschedules, but these get snapped up pretty quick. 

Drop me a message and let’s plan something beautiful together!

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Kiran Randhawa

We had our maternity photoshoot with Zina. She was highly professional yet made us very comfortable in front of the camera. Zina suggested a better location for the shoot than the one we had in mind and thanks to her, the photos have come out beautifully. Thank you Zina for perfectly capturing these special moments which we will treasure forever ❤️

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Generations Photoshoot at Lesmurdie Falls

As a Perth family photographer, I always feel privileged to capture those special moments that bring families together. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing an extended family photoshoot at Lesmurdie Falls during Golden Hour, and it was an experience that truly reminded me of the importance of capturing timeless images of all the family generations together. Lesmurdie Falls is a breathtaking location with a backdrop of stunning bushland and a lookout that offers the perfect setting for backlit images during Golden Hour. I knew this...

Backlit Family Portraits | Perth Family Photographer

Beautiful Backlit Family Portraits at Hyde Park Golden hour is great for backlit images. During this time, the sun is low on the horizon and creates beautiful, warm lighting. Using a dark background, in this case the dark green trees, you can get the light filtered through the trees and showing up against the dark backdrop to create the rim lighting around your subjects.  My tip for beautiful rim lighting Experiment with your angles: As with backlit images, don't be afraid to experiment with different angles and positions to find the...

Extended Family Photography for everyone | Sunshine Coast Photographer

The Importance of Timeless Portraits with Extended Family  I'm always excited to capture these precious moments and memories at an extended family photoshoot. I believe that family is everything, and that's why I love nothing more than creating timeless portraits with extended families. I want to capture everyone and I will adapt to your family and their specific needs. It's my job to capture the love and connection that exists between each family member in a way that captures your unique bond authentically. It's these connections that make...

A Beautiful Pine Forest | Sunshine Coast Family Photographer

A beautiful Pine Forest Location for your family photoshoot A pine forest is a beautiful location for a family photoshoot, with tall trees providing a stunning natural backdrop.  When you arrive you're immediately struck by the serene and peaceful atmosphere. The scent of pine fills the air, and the soft rustling of needles underfoot adds to the calming ambiance. Sunlight filters through the tall trees, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor. Wild Horse Mountain is a popular tourist destination on the Sunshine Coast, located just off the...

First Birthday Moments | Sunshine Coast Family Photographer

Some tips to capture the best moments at a lifestyle photoshoot to celebrate your child's first birthday A lifestyle family photoshoot on your child's first birthday can be a great way to capture special moments and memories with your family. Here are some tips to help make the photoshoot a success: Choose a meaningful location: Consider a location that is special to your family or that represents a special moment in your lives. For example, you may want to choose your home, a park, or a location where you had your wedding. Plan the timing:...

Urban Family Photoshoots | Perth Family Photographer

Fremantle was a sentimental choice for my clients' Family session but what a great location it turned out to be!  Here are a few other ideas for interesting urban photoshoot locations around Fremantle Fremantle is a beautiful and historic city in Western Australia, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, historic buildings, and stunning beaches. If it was a sentimental choice for your family photoshoot, here are some suggestions for great locations to capture your memories: Fremantle Markets: The Fremantle Markets are a popular...

Windy days full of laughter | Perth Family Photographer

Windy days full of top tips for navigating the wind at your photoshoot We often have to navigate less than ideal conditions when we book your family photoshoot, here are some tips for when your shoot is on a particularly windy day. A family photoshoot on a windy day can be both challenging and exciting. While the wind can create beautiful, natural movement in hair and clothing, it can also make it difficult to keep everyone's hair and clothing in place. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your family photoshoot on...

Capturing your Family naturally | Perth Family Photographer

Some tips for capturing natural photos at your family photoshoot Capturing your family naturally at a fun family photoshoot can be a great way to create lasting memories and document your family's unique personalities and dynamics. Here are some tips to help make your family photoshoot fun, relaxed, and natural: Choose the right location: Consider a location that is meaningful to your family or that reflects your family's personality, such as a park, beach, or your own backyard. Dress comfortably: Encourage your family members to wear...

Short ‘n sweet, but full of Love | Perth Family Photographer

A beautiful golden location for your photoshoot Short 'n Sweet but full of love .......the beautiful golden hues of this grassy location can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for a family photoshoot. Sometimes during the year we have a field of tall grasses, swaying gently in the breeze, with the sun low on the horizon, casting a warm golden light across the scene. The grass itself may appear to be a rich golden color, with highlights and shadows creating depth and texture. The surrounding landscape may also contribute to the overall...

Beautiful Moments | Perth Family Photographer

Lots of fun chasing this toddler around Hyde Park! Photographing toddlers can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. Here are some tips to help you capture great photos of your little one: Get down to their level: To get the best perspective for your photos, it's important to get down to your toddler's eye level. This will help you capture more intimate and engaging shots. Be patient: Toddlers can be unpredictable and may not want to cooperate for photos. Don't get frustrated if you don't get the perfect shot right...

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