As a Perth family photographer, I always feel privileged to capture those special moments that bring families together.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing an extended family photoshoot at Lesmurdie Falls during Golden Hour, and it was an experience that truly reminded me of the importance of capturing timeless images of all the family generations together.

Lesmurdie Falls is a breathtaking location with a backdrop of stunning bushland and a lookout that offers the perfect setting for backlit images during Golden Hour. I knew this was the perfect location for this family photoshoot, and I was excited to capture some memorable moments here.

We captured many moments as we made our way up the winding path towards the lookout. 

We arrived at the lookout just before sunset and I am always impressed by the beautiful view. The lush greenery, winding path to the lookout point and the dramatic rock formations are all stunning backdrops for family portraits.

The warm golden light of the sun as it dipped below the horizon was perfect for creating that soft and warm look that I love in my photos.  Warmth emulates the feeling of love I think, and this is such a big part of the recipe to my images inspired by “love, light and connection”.

I could see the love and connection between the family members, and I knew that capturing these moments would be something that they could treasure forever. As the family posed and laughed together, I snapped away, capturing images that would be timeless and treasured for years to come.

As a family photographer, I understand the importance of capturing all the generations together. It’s not just about capturing the individual personalities, but also about the connections that exist between family members. It is a reminder of the love and bond that exists between them and is something that they will cherish for generations.

I lvoe the images we captured at this extended family photoshoot and I know these photos would be cherished for years to come.

It’s a beautiful reminder of how important it is to capture all the generations together, and how these memories and the images that remind us of them can bring families closer.

As a Perth family photographer, it is my job to capture these special moments and create timeless images that families will cherish forever. I take pride in being able to create these memories for families and help them create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Capturing timeless images of all the family generations together is something that every family should consider. It is a way of preserving the memories and the love that exists between family members. And as a Perth family photographer, I am here to help families create these precious memories that they can treasure forever.

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