Fun at the park with your Family Photoshoot

A family photoshoot is a perfect way to celebrate your family and the changing seasons of your story every year.  When planning your photoshoot it’s helpful to consider what is most important to you and what will you use your photos for.

If you’re planning to use your photos for wall art, then plan a location and outfits that match the decor in the room where you will be hanging your photos.

If you want memories that tell your family story then consider a location that has sentimental value.  The better we plan for your photoshoot the more likely it is that you will love the photos we create on the day.

A day at the Park

This beautiful family wanted something simple and focussed on their gorgeous little girl on her birthday.

When working with young children I like to pick locations that will let them run around freely and have fun.  Children need very little to be happy and freedom sparks pure joy.  A picture perfect location that has hazards and is not going to inspire joy for them at all.

I prefer grass where they can run and not get hurt if they fall and a location that has different areas for exploring.  Every time your toddler loses interest we can venture to a new spot and spark new interest from them.

Golden hour is the best time of day for your family photoshoot but it’s also witching hour – I get it!  To get around this I like areas with trees so that we can use the shade and mimick golden hour 2-3 hours earlier than actual golden hour.

Childhood is such a precious time, don’t worry about whether your toddler is going to co-operate, let’s plan around that.

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