Planning the perfect Outfits for your Family Photoshoot

When you’re picking your family photoshoot outfits make sure that everyone is comfortable and feels good about their choice.  The most important part of any photoshoot is ensuring that you feel good without distractions like constantly fixing uncomfortable items.


There is no need to wear matching t-shirts, rather opt for matching colours or outfits from the same colour palette.  How often would you go out dressed the same in real life?  I want to capture moments that will feel like your every day life 10 years from now, so if you all wear white t-shirts and  jeans to match in your life then that’s an option, but if not then pick something that feels more authentic.


Large logos, very bold patterns or very bright colours can be distracting and take away from the final image.  Matching is subjective though, so ideally you want to pick colours and outfits that you love, so that your images reflect who you are as individually.


Dresses are great for creating movement in your images, long flowy dresses especially are lovely because they move as you move.

Collars and interesting necklines are another way to add some small details which make your images interesting.

Keep it interesting with layers, scarves, hats, jackets, collars, skirts that move when you turn. Interesting textures and special items can also something beautiful and sentimental to your images.

If you wear a hat make sure you are also comfortable with being photographed without it.  In some instances the hat can get in the way and be a distraction. 


There are a few specific things to consider when planning your maternity outfit.  You may not feel as comfortable as you would normally  so pay extra attention to fabrics and how your outfit fits.  I recommend trying on your outfit with the underwear you want to wear on the day to ensure there are no lines, colours or patterns showing through.

Flowy dresses or fitted clothing is especially great for showing off your bump.  It is a great idea to bring a change of outfits too so that you get a variety of looks at this special time.


For your newborn photoshoot it’s important to consider how tiny your baby is at this time.  If you wear something that is very bold it is easier to draw attention away from them.  Rules are made to be broken though, so if you are after something very bold then make sure that everyone is dressed similarly so that your baby can still stand out against the patterns in a plain wrap or outfit.

Neutral colours, soft palettes and gentle patterns are what I normally recommend to keep your photos feeling simple, natural and soft.

Take a look at the gallery I have put together, you’ll love some of the options and you may hate some of them, but it will give you a very good idea of what you like for your photoshoot.  Your family photoshoot outfits have a very big impact on the overall feel of your photos, and also on how you feel in them on the day.  I hope these tips help you pick and if not, get in touch and I’m happy to guide you.

I can’t wait to meet you all!

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