Avoid disappointment with my Custom Collage Frames

These beautiful custom collage frames are a best seller in the print store.  You are able to custom design your wall art by picking the frame, layout and images that you want included in your frame.  I design it all for you including re-composing images if necessary to fit together perfect.

By choosing my custom collage frames you are getting a satisfaction guarantee, I will reprint your collage until you’re happy.  All my products also carry a 35 – 75 year guarantee so you can be sure your product won’t degrade at all and if it does, get in touch and I will arrange for a replacement at no cost to you.

Designing these custom collage frames is an art as much as photography is, while anyone can throw a few images in a block it takes design experience to put it together beautifully.  Sometimes this may involve re-editing some of the images to match in tone and colour.  Composition also plays a big part in how well images work together so I often change the composition of an image to match the series for a collage.

Save yourself the headache and buy something that is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

This is a great way to tell your family story with a series of images.  They also make beautiful gifts for family members or the office.  These are custom designed so we can make up any size you like and create the perfect frame size for your wall, no more making something off the shelf fit your home!

Photography Inspired by Love, Light & Connection


Dog Photoshoot | Besties at the beach

Dog Photoshoot | Besties at the beach

Dog Photoshoot | Keep it fun  Of course you want to capture the special relationship you have with your pets.  They love us unconditionally and it is an exceptionally special relationship we are privileged to share with them.  Planning a dog photoshoot is similar to...

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