What to expect at your Couple Photoshoot

A photoshoot is a beautiful way to celebrate your love.  Time passes and we often forget to appreciate the ones who support us every day, as time passes we change and our relationshps change too.  Photoshoots are a wonderful way of caputuring your relationship over the years as you change together.  Celebrating your love with Wall Art throughout your home is a wonderful affirmation of your commitment to eachother.

My style is very relaxed so that we can encourage candid photos that capture your bond naturally.  I will gently pose you and guide you to flattering angles in beautiful light, and then using prompts I will encourage your natural connection to come through.  The more we hangout together the more comfortable you will get in front of the camera.

With each photoshoot I aim for a combination of setups and poses, and we can even discuss wardrobe and outfit changes if you’re up for that.

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Claire Swarbrick

Such a great experience from start to finish, Zina has been fabulous!
Thank you Zina for our beautiful photographs that we will treasure ❤️

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