Couple Photoshoot at Moffat Beach

For this couple photoshoot we picked golden hour at Moffat to celebrate their engagement!  What a spectacular day and I’m absolutely thrilled that I could capture so much love in one gallery.

We took full advantage of the variety on offer at this spectacular location and spent some time creating moments at different locations.

We have backlit images with the rivermouth in the background, beautiful soft pinks on the ocean’s horizen at sunset and the rocks create an amazing contrast for something a little different.

A truly beautiful photoshoot for an equally beautiful, growing family.

Engagement photoshoots are such a beautiful way to celebrate this incredibly beautiful milestone in your relationship.  It also becomes a wonderful part of documenting the beautiful story your love will begin to unfold as you grow together in love. I constantly hear that the experience is so much more fun than expected, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you were wondering whether you wanted to commit to a shoot, this is a sign that you should JUST DO IT!