Remember this special time and every precious detail of your baby with beautiful images that you’ll treasure forever!

Here’s a guide on what to expect from your Sunshine Coast Newborn Photography Experience:-

1.  Tell me what you have in mind

Let’s chat a bit about what you have in mind, show me the images you love most, tell me a little about your family and from there we will custom design a session that suits your family perfectly.

I recommend we book your photoshoot when your baby is between 5 and 9 days old because those newborn details fade quickly and the more alert your baby gets the harder it is to keep them settled during your photoshoot.  It is possible to capture beautiful images of your baby at any age, but during this short window your baby is still supple and very comfortable with being posed.  They also sleep longer at this time giving us a comfortable window for completing a full gallery of images in as little time as possible.

2.  Your Photoshoot

I recommend that you bring a dummy and a fresh change of clothes for everyone just in case on the day.  Most of our time will be allocated to feeding and settling your baby, so don’t worry, we will work around your needs and we have enough time to create beautiful images that you will love forever!

I will always pose your baby safely but taking into account their unique mannerisms so that every pose is still completely unique and captures the character of your baby. 

When we create your Family Photos I will give some gentle instructions around where to stand and how to hold eachother, and then using simple prompts I will encourage natural connection between you all.

Photoshoots are between 45 and 180 minutes depending on much time we need to get your baby settled.

3.  Your Gallery

Your gallery is ready within 7 days of your photoshoot.  You can opt for an online gallery or I love presenting your images at my studio which gives you an opportunity to see all the professional print products available for yourself.  You’re welcome to utilise my experience to help you narrow down your favourites at your viewing appointment.

Your gallery will have between 20 and 150 beautiful images.  I include a variety of expressions so that you’re able to choose the ones that are most natural to you.

Your gallery will have a variety of images captured from different perspectives, in different lighting and with a select few images converted to black and white.  My black and white edits are not just a straightforward conversion, each image is hand edited to create a beautiful, high contrast and impactful black and white image.

Digital packages are available in addition to the extensive range of stunning professional print products available.

4.  Printing your Artwork

Once you have selected the perfect images and together we have created something truly amazing to showcase on your walls at home, I begin preparing your files and get them off to one of my carefully selected printers all over the world.  This process can take 3-4 weeks.

Custom designing of Wall Art Collections or Collage Frames is part of your experience so take advantage of my experience to ensure your final products match your vision.

My print products all carry guarantees of 35 -75 years so you are assured of a quality product that will last a lifetime!

LOVED by clients

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Izelle Jackson

Thank you Zina for taking the most beautiful photos of our little boy and our family. You were so patient with him. It was a wonderful experience as first time parents.

A picture really is worth a thousand words

let me tell your story beautifully

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