Designing wall art for your home can be an incredibly rewarding exercise, but it could also go wrong and end up costing a fortune in printed artwork that just doesn’t look the way you wanted it to.

Here’s a little guide to the most important things to consider when designing your wall art collection.

DECIDE WHERE YOUR ART WILL HANG – this seems obvious but it ‘s easy to get carried away with printing all the images you love and thinking you can put them together when they arrive.  This is a recipe for disappointment.

DETERMINE THE SIZE OF THE ENTIRE DISPLAY – it is important to work backwards from your space.  Once you know where you want to hand your artwork, measure the space and as a rule of thumb aim to cover around 70% of the area with your final display.

MEASURE, MEASURE AND MEASURE AGAIN!  This is really important, make sure you get the size right, then work out how many pieces you can fit into the space and include even spacing between artworks in your measurements.

DESIGN YOUR COLLECTION – Now that you know how big your final collection is going to be and how many pieces you have room for, you can begin choosing your favourite images.   

CHOOSING THE IMAGES FOR YOUR DISPLAY – Choosing the images is not as simple as picking your favourites.  That is a great start, but then you need to consider a few things from a design point of view.   

Make sure you have a variety of images, different angles, poses, lighting and perspectives are a great way of adding avriety to your display. 

When putting your images together, consider the composition, what works for a stand alone images may not suit the overall display and you may want to crop some of the iamges differently.   

Sometimes when images are on their own there are differences in light and colour which make sesnse, but do these compliment eachother in the final display?  You may want to edit some of the images to “match” better.

QUALITY OF FINAL PRODUCTS – This is probably the most impartant part of this process.  Beautiful images printed poorly will not look good on the walls.  I have an image of a blonde girl that turned green when I had it printed at an over the counter bulk printer. 

Cheap printing will not be able to replicate the colours of the original professional print files.  These cheap products will also yellow very soon and fade over time. 

If you’ve taken the time to have a professional photoshoot done you may aswell take the time to have the images printed professionally so that what is displayed on your walls matches what you received in digital format. 

Take a look at some of my most popular wall art collections, and speak to me about designing something absolutely amazing that truly brings your vision to life!


Charlotte Oborne

Zina was fantastic!

Her photos are absolutely stunning and we can’t thank her enough for capturing such special family moments. She took the time to get to know our 2 year old and made him feel comfortable, which led to some amazing photos!


Nabila Khouri

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Zina and her photos are! My little baby was super fussy and difficult and Zina had the magic touch with my baby, and was so patient and wonderful.

I will forever cherish the amazing photos, thank you so much Zina!


Ellie Washfold

I highly recommend Zina!!

We’ve had 3 newborn photo shoots within the last 3 years and she’s been absolutely amazing with each one especially this last one capturing 2 toddlers and a newborn together which I swear is near impossible!

Let’s do something amazing together!!

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