I have done many family photoshoots for this family now…


…and I love their enthusiasm for every session!

Everyone loves it, which to be honest, is not always the case, very often people don’t actually enjoy being in front of the camera. One of my biggest selling points is that even the people who least enjoy being in front of the camera leaving saying it was much easier than they thought and they fall in love with the images once they see them! I really do believe every family should get their portraits updated regularly, there are so many wonderful positives to be had from seeing the beautiful moments proudly displayed around your home!

Sometimes when there is a less willing participant and I spent a little more time with them to make them feel comfortable, they end up being the star of the shoot, and this was certainly the case with this beautiful little girl, as reluctant as she was to get started we ended up with the most beautiful portraits of her, I feel like you can really see into her soul in some of these!

I also love how mom has put so much time into co-ordinating their outfits while making sure that each outfit still reflects individual personalities.  At the end of the day outfits, the concept of matching and choice of colours are very subjective and while I can give some general guidelines on What to Wear it really does come down to what you love and feel comfortable in.

Perry’s Paddock is definitely one of my favourite locations for a family photoshoot in perth because of the landscape, the buildings and the lush background at this time of year. In fact, Perrys Paddock is perfect for family sessions, maternity sessions and even outdoor newborn sessions if you are looking for something a little different!


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