More often than not when I receive an enquiry for an outdoor family session, one of the first questions that come up is where to have the session.  

Summer is always great for a beach session, although we will at times have to navigate extreme heat conditions and large crowds to find the best day and time. But if you are up for it, our Perth sunrises are incredible for beach shoots offering perfect light! 

But, if the thought of sand and crowds and sunrise wake ups are not  quite what you had in mind, here is a list of my Top 10 favourite parks and outdoor locations in and around Perth:

If you are after the perfect park setting located only minutes from Perth CBD, Hyde Park is always a favourite.  It has so much character – from the gorgeous lake to the gardens that are beautifully maintained all year round.  We also have plenty of shaded spots available for the families who prefer a middle of the day timeslot.   

WANNEROO PINES is another alternative if you are looking for an area with plenty of shade to accommodate a daytime session.  This is the location I recommend when doing large groups.  It offers, by far, some of the most magical sunsets too. 

PERRY’S PADDOCK named after John Perry who bred racehorses and held race meets on his property at the site.  The ruins that are still visible are the remains of his old stables and homestead.  Perry’s is breathtakingly beautiful all year around.  At certain times of the year, we have the gorgeous long golden grass which creates an extraordinary setting

The ever-popular AUTUMN LEAVES AT RAEBURN ORCHARDS IN ROLEYSTONE are at their best for around 2 weeks in May.  It’s best to book these sessions early as they are quite sought after. 

SPRING BLOSSOMS on the other hand, also in Roleystone, are most popular during September, and also book out a few weeks in advance.  Make sure you get in touch early for these slots too

BELLS RAPIDS offers scenic views of the countryside and coastal plains, and the local park photographs stunningly during the springtime (as does most of Perth).  September to November is usually considered the perfect times to book this location

Perth’s not-so-secret GWELUP SECRET GARDEN is a mysterious little green wonderland most of the year.  It’s the excessive Morning Glory Vines that give it those magical, Alice in Wonderland vibes that make this spot so special to photography.

POINT WALTER  is a point on the Swan River, most notable for it’s large sandbar that extends into the river and is just a wonderful fun location for a family shoot. Especially with small children as they can play and the water isn’t very deep so it’s quite a relaxed fun setting. 

Situated only 50 minutes north of Perth, YANCHEP LAVENDER FARM is yet another stunning attraction for everyone.  The lavender blooms in January every year and this is one of my favourite locations to photograph. 

KINGS PARK is home to  spectacular Western Australian Botanic Garden and has many beautiful locations to choose from.  There is a park fee payable for taking photos here.

These  locations are but a few recommendations in and around Perth to help you decide on the perfect spot for your family shoot.  I am always open to exploring new locations within the area, so please do let me know if you have a special place in mind and I can investigate the logistics around it. 


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